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At Byron Pugh Legal, each client is given individualized attention. People who are charged with a crime or experiencing a family break-up deserve to be treated with both respect and dignity. It is imperative that you obtain experienced and trusted legal advice during these potentially life altering situations. Nashville attorney Byron Pugh represents clients charged with crimes, contemplating a divorce and embroiled in a custody fight with dedication and compassion. Contact him today if you need a Nashville criminal defense attorney or family law lawyer.

Domestic Violence

Domestic related charges occur between current and former spouses, intimate partners, family members and roommates. Physical abuse is not the only form of domestic violence. You can be charged with a crime based on alleged threats of violence and unwanted contact. These crimes carry stiff penalties and sometimes can be prosecuted without the victim’s cooperation.

Criminal Citations

In Tennessee, issuing a criminal citation constitutes an arrest. Citations are only issued for misdemeanors such as simple possession of a controlled substance, theft of property under $1,000, public intoxication, prostitution and leaving the scene of an accident. These offenses are punishable with jail time. If you fail to report on your listed booking date, then the judge will issue a warrant for your physical arrest.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving or being in physical control of a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) at or in excess of .08% is sufficient proof for a DUI arrest. All DUI convictions carry mandatory jail time, probation and alcohol treatment. DUIs can be charged as both misdemeanors. The punishment becomes more severe with each subsequent conviction. A trusted Nashville DUI attorney will thoroughly examine police conduct to ensure your rights were not violated.

Drug Crimes

Prosecutors must prove that you possessed a controlled substance for a specific purpose. Your intended purpose dictates whether the offense is a felony or a misdemeanor. Possession can be both actual or constructive, but only being present where drugs are found is not sufficient proof of possession. The type and weight of the narcotics seized along with other evidence such as money, scales, and baggies can be used by the prosecution to established whether you are a drug seller or user. Furthermore, any evidence seized from an unlawful search cannot be used by prosecutors against you.


Tennessee recognizes two types of divorce: fault and no-fault. No Fault or an uncontested divorce is the shortest and least expensive path to dissolve a marriage. Contested or at fault divorce can be both lengthy and costly. The process starts once a spouse makes the appropriate court filing. Most divorces settle by entering into a Marital Dissolution Agreement that covers all issues including child custody, child support and division of marital property.

Child Custody

Each parent deserves to spend as much time as possible with their children. Tennessee child custody laws are designed with that goal in mind. Parenting plans are written and the product of lengthy negotiations between all parties. The plan must serve the child’s best interest. If the parents cannot reach an agreement, then the judge will decide at a trial.

Child Support

Parents have a legal responsibility to financially support their children. Child support is designed to maintain the child’s standard of living. By law, the amount is calculated examining both parents income, parenting time and the number of supported children. Child support orders are enforced and in some cases can be modified.


Divorce should not leave one spouse financially destitute. Spouses can request temporary alimony or spousal support while the divorce is pending. The spouse requesting alimony must prove their need to judge. If the spouses disagree on whether alimony should be paid, then the judge will decide at a trial. The judge will also determine the amount and how it will be distributed.

Orders of Protection

Victims have every right to be free from their abusers. An order of protection prohibits the abuser from having any direct or indirect contact with the victim. For the defendant, he or she may not be able to stay in their own home or see their own children. Furthermore, the abuser cannot be in possession of any firearms.

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